Ten Reasons why you WANT to arbitrate using USAC!

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Ten Reasons why you WANT to arbitrate using USAC!


Let us help you!

If you want to arbitrate a consumer issue, or contractually have to arbitrate with a large corporation, here are ten more reasons why the UNITED STATES ARBITRATION CORPORATION (USAC) puts you in a stronger position and ensures you are on a level playing field:

1. Our teams have conducted thousands of consumer arbitrations nationwide, and normally we have equal or greater arbitration experience than the counsel of the corporation. The playing field is level (or better).

2. The arbitration is not secretive. It’s up to you! You can tell the world, post the results, shame the corporation (or not), and handle the matter in any way you wish.

3.  It is NOT expensive for you the consumer–in fact with USAC you pay no fees unless you win or largely prevail. And even then the fee is modest. The corporation pays no matter what.

4. It’s low stress, certainly compared to court. You can participate in the arbitration in person if you wish, OR the arbitration teams can handle the entire matter for you, without you having to appear.

5. It relatively speedy. Court cases last for months or years. We can conclude many consumer arbitrations in 90 days or less. You don’t worry for months or years as you might in a court case.

6. Some say the company is a repeat player with the arbitrator, while the little guy is not. NOT TRUE in your case. With USAC on your side, you have a team that repeatedly works with the arbitrators MORE than the corporation does. The corporation has no edge here.


7.  We select the arbitrator together with the company. No guesswork about with whom or how your case is handled. And no advantage to the corporation. The law is respected and followed.

8. We win or favorably settle the majority of the arbitration cases we handle. (And remember point 3, you only pay if you win.) Some fear the corporation always or usually wins in consumer arbitration. That’s debatable, but certainly not true when USAC is on your side! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

9. It’s not time consuming for you. Because we have handled thousands of consumer arbitration cases, we have no steep learning curve. We’ve seen it all! Your total time helping to prepare the case over the 90 days is usually less than an hour—compare that to court!

10. There are no expensive appeals. An appeal of a consumer case in court is nearly impossible for consumers, and very expensive; but corporations can do it easily. USAC gets to the the bottom of the issue fast, and it’s done. The corporation cannot drag you through litigation hoping you tire and give up, or spend more than you can afford.

OKAY we said ten but we have to add one more:

11. It cannot be easier. Over the years, and through thousands of cases, we have quietly and respectfully developed systems to remove the expense, stress, risk, and worry from litigation and arbitration. When it’s in our hands you rest assured and sleep easy!



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