03 Apr 2016

The Simplest Ways to Make Your Content Sharable

The Simplest Ways to Make Your Content Sharable

We talked before about adding a blog to your site**I’d link to the post where I did that, David** So now you need to make sure that blog is shareable. More than that, you need to make sure every page on your site is social media friendly, and you need to be encouraging people to share your stuff.

You should already have your social media accounts linked to your main website, allowing your visitors to easily find you on Facebook and Twitter.  Following with this, you need to make the pages of your site shareable with as many social media platforms as possible by adding appropriate share buttons. As long as the share buttons you add aren’t gaudy, you can creatively fit a lot of them on each page.

Adding these buttons has several advantages. For starters, it allows you to share your own content on social media more easily. But perhaps more importantly, it allows for others to share your content via a variety of methods.

Including buttons to allow your page to be shared on social media or through e-mail encourages others to send and promote your pages, which means more traffic for you.

Now, let’s talk your blog. You’re filling it with interesting posts, driving in new page hits, and keeping your readers interested. But you still want to make it easier for people to come back and read again. The best way to keep people coming in and reading your blog is to make it social media shareable. More than that, you may want to consider adding an RSS subscription feed to your blog.

This is fairly easy to do, and most blog services have this built right in. An RSS feed allows users to subscribe to your blog using a feed reader or their browser; meaning any time you add posts, they will pop right up for subscribers to see. Many people who read blogs rely on RSS feeds to organize what they read, so having the option to subscribe to your blog is definitely a solid idea.

There are various services online that can help you add social media buttons and an RSS feed to your site and/or blog. There’s absolutely zero disadvantage in doing so. If you’re interested in optimizing your website for sharing and subscribing, contact David @ david@dynobranding.com, and he’ll show you how to get it done.